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viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Construction Project "Paradise Nayarit”, presently implemented by the NAYARIT State Government.


Regarding the new construction taking place at the Plaza del Sol and surrounding streets of Calle Mexico, Calle Argelia and Calle Cuba.  
This public works project was designed and approved by state officials as one part of a larger campaign to beautify town centers in various pueblos with in the Riviera Nayarit. Unfortunately there was no consultation regarding the scope or details of the work with the pueblos involved in this case San Pancho. At the out-set of the demolition work some concerned citizens sought out the plans and began distributing them electronically for review and comments. Also a Facebook Group was formed and a community meeting was scheduled on last Tuesday evening where the plans were displayed, discussed and recommendations were made for changes. An official letter outlining the requested changes to be made has been prepared and is being forwarded to the appropriate officials in this case the Secretary of Public Works and the Secretary of Tourism for the State of Nayarit.  
There was a general consensus amongst those that met at the community meeting on the items of most concern and that were to be communicated to the officials and they are:
Protection of all existing trees both in the plaza and both sides of the streets involved in the new construction.
  • Requesting substitute of adoquin (interlocking pavers) in lieu of stamped concrete paving on the surrounding streets.
  • Creation of a larger permanent stage area.
  • Creation of a children´s play area as well as some adult exercise equipment.
  • Modifications to the size and locations of some of the new garden planters to create a better flow between areas.
  • Elimination of a proposed pergola and water feature that was scheduled to be placed in front of the stage area.
  • Reuse of the salvaged clay roof tiles to construct a shade structure at the basketball court.
  • Alternate selections for park benches and trash receptacles, something more traditional than the modern items scheduled to be used.
There is an effort to collect signatures from the residents of the community to document the support behind these efforts and you are all urged to locate one of the circulating lists and sign it. You can contact Erik Saracho or Luis Morales to request that the plans be sent to you electronically and to  find out where you might find a signature list. Also please join the Facebook Group, there will be an effort to post important updates in English and Spanish.
For More Information : Erik Saracho eriksaracho@gmail.com; Luis Morales birdingsanpancho@gmail.com
Facebook Group “San Pancho Comunidad Participativa”: https://www.facebook.com/groups/164228753686533/166683853441023/?notif_t=like

Letter Being Forwarded To State Officials: 
(There is a copy of this letter in Spanish on the Facebook Group page and this is a Google Translation of that document).
San Francisco, Bahia de Banderas, Nayarit, at January 26, 2012. 
Ing. Gianni Raul Ramírez Ocampo , Department of Public Works, NAYARIT STATE GOVERNMENT P R E S E N T E:
Through this channel, we - all citizens of the Town of San Francisco, municipality of Bahia de Banderas - express in the most attentive and respectful disagreement with our heartfelt works to remodel our streets and main square without public consultation. The general feeling of the population is that the proposal approved and executed at the moment by the state government lacks sensitivity to local traditions and current uses and environmental sensitivity and negative impacts to the local economy. Due to the great concern that generated the works that began to make the unit headed by you, the citizens of this town we took on the task of gathering and analyzing plans of the work you (dated October 2011) to discuss the proposal architectural remodeling of the main square and surrounding streets and able to speak, from which we conclude by common consent request to perform the following adjustments: 
1. Place pavers and stamped concrete around the square and surrounding streets. Justification: it is more economical, more employment and social benefits of vehicular traffic to be slower, maintain the image of a typical village. It is more environmentally friendly because it allows water infiltration and less hot, is not real appearances.
2. Respect the existing trees in the square well as in the surrounding streets and include native plants in the jardinería to add and not place thorny plants. Justification: The existing trees produce shade and habitat for birds, iguanas and other animals typical of the region. The types of proposed plants do not produce shade and habitat, are outside this region and do not reflect our identity.
3. Including arcade games for children and exercise apparatus for teen, adults and seniors. Rationale: The proposed project removes the existing playground and does not include any recreational game for young children is now one of the main uses of the local community.
4. Expanding the stage area 10 x 15 meters and includes a cellar under the same. Rationale: Shows like folkloric ballet, bands and cultural presentations that are made do not fit into the currently proposed.
5. Leave the existing circular stage and reduce the size of the new boxes that are intended to add. Rationale: The "navel" municipal budget was built just 4 years ago, the public needs to be a better flow between the kiosk area and yard civic events.
6. Remove the pergola and lakes or ponds decorative in front of the church. Justification: Not applicable to community civic uses. Ponds can be a source would be unhealthy and Mexican functional. 
7. Reuse the tile that was removed from the house to make a tejabán area off the basketball court. Justification: These always require shade and palm enramadas are provisional.
8. Place benches and trash containers that are commensurate with a typical Mexican town that is the image we want to keep. Justification: The proposed container benches and image do not correspond to traditional village people.
We appreciate your consideration of these proposals and look forward to communicating with the agency that leads you to carry out this renovation of an inclusive form this "Government of the People" that is sensitive to current and traditional uses of the community that addresses local economic and environmental factors that promote sustainable development of this town.
We urge you to inform us in writing personally and firsthand about the project that eventually will run on our people and that as of today several conflicting accounts are handled. No more for now, receive best regards.

*FOOTNOTE: The program includes remodeling of the “Plaza Públicas” in the costal communities of San Pancho, Higuera Blanca, Sayulita and Bucerias. The architectural plans for this remodeling are practically the same for all 4 communities, just adjusting the size to the existing geographical locations.
A very unfortunate”top-down approach” of the new State Government of NAYARIT, supposedly a "Government of the People" (Gobierno de la Gente): “CERO” involvement of the communities. NO public consultations of the plans as required by law.

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