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martes, 12 de diciembre de 2017

PUNTA PARAISO en San Pancho: CARTA de Jean-Michel Cousteau´s OCEAN FUTURES SOCIETY al Presidente Municipal de Bahía de Banderas, NAYARIT


Jean-Michel Cousteau’s


Santa Barbara, CA Diciembre 11 de 2017


Dr. Jaime Alonso Cuevas Tello

Presidente Municipal

Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit

Esteemed Dr. Cuevas,

With great concern, we received detailed information about another harassment to the ecosystems of the State of Nayarit, a region of Mexico that is very special in our hearts.

The community of San Francisco, or San Pancho, as it is more commonly referred to, look on with the feeling of impotence at the destruction of its beautiful beach, some part of it is land gained to the sea, and this now is a threat to its ecologic integrity.

The problems of the water quality are vital as they are in other parts of the Nayarit coast. The contamination of the rivers, as in the case of the Ameca River, was signaled by our General Director for Latin America, Mr. Ruben Arvizu, in April of 2016 during the International Forum of Territorio  Insular, the Coasts of Nayarit were at the forefront.

His words were poorly received by the authorities that attended the event, who were dismissing his complaint as false and without proof. We know that region of Mexico very well. For three years 1990-1992, we collaborated with the then Governor of Nayarit, Celso Delgado in the creation of a Touristic and Ecologic Plan for the Coasts of Nayarit.

Those studies, carried out mainly by a group of more than 150 technicians and scientists from Mexico, had as their goal to precisely carry out actions that would prevent damage to ecosystems and to the inhabitants of the whole region.

Many international and Mexican media covered the news that this was indeed something exceptional and an example to follow in other parts of the world. In the month of September of 1992, in Guayabitos, Nayarit, in a special ceremony, delivered to the then president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, the studies and recommendations completed.

Here I want to cite some of the words of the president Salinas, which we have compiled from video scenes that we have in a documentary that we are producing and that will show some of our actions in various in various parts of the world including the Coast of Nayarit:

"We assume a commitment, that any development plan has to give attention to the ecosystems and to promise a sustainable development. This is the promise that we gave at the recent conference in Rio de Janeiro, so we are committed to signing the corresponding agreements, in particular, the protection of the ozone layer and the relative care of the biodiversity. With respect to Nayarit, it has been proposed that there be a creation of a counsel, a Council of Integration Plural, diverse, with the inhabitants of these communities, with experts and persons of knowledge, who have come prepared by their own authorities. It has been proposed that it be a council of awareness for the coast of Nayarit. I would encourage and propose that it be a council of all of the coast that encompasses Nayarit, Jalisco and Colima. In this way we will work harmoniously in a region where the nature does not distinguish between its state borders, nor its children, in the sense that we all want a greater harmony and better development."

Now there have been 25 years since those studies and the reality is very different.

In the case of San Pancho, we have witnessed scenes of peaceful protests by many sectors of the population, including that of foreign residents who share their alarm concerning the continuous works of the development Punta Paraiso, in spite of PROFEPA giving orders regarding damaging circumstances and serious breaches related to the construction project.

This will impact in a negative way with the international community recognized for its love of the Mexican arts and culture, and respect for the environment and nature. On this stretch of beach a variety of species of marine turtles come to participate in their delicate balance of survival.

We have been informed that the investors are Pacific Life Style with origins in Canada, headed by Mr. Francis Bast in association with Mr. Carlos Lemus of Mexico. It seems both of whom are unaware of the serious consequences that this overcrowded development of 60 apartments with their related services, in only 5,500 m2 or 59,202 sf.

The discontent by both the local and regional population is growing with each day that passes without the correct response from the authorities. We are living in different times from those of a few years ago. Citizens struggle with more vehemence for their rights and for those of future generation. We hope Mr. Municipal President, Jaime Alonso Cuevas Tello, that you will act rapidly and with prudence to avoid unfortunate actions and that justice will prevail, also the order and respect for citizens' rights.

Very attentively,

Jean-Michel Cousteau


Ocean Futures Society



Presidente de MÉXICO Enrique Peña Nieto

SECTUR Enrique de la Madrid

SEMARNAT Rafael Pacchiano Aleman

PROFEPA Guillermo Haro Bélchez

Gobernador de Nayarit, Antonio Echavarría García

Carlos Lemus y Asociados

La Jornada, Javier Santos

Milenio Guadalajara, Agustín del Castillo

Televisa Guadalajara, Miguel Ángel Collado

Carmen Aristegui CNN

Alianza Jaguar A.C.

Alianza de la Costa Verde

Mujeres Unidas por Bahía de Banderas

El Universal, Solange Márquez

AHORA Emilio Álvarez Icaza Coordinador Derechos Humanos


(Translation thanks to Douglas Snyder)


Construyen condominios sobre las dunas de San Pancho, Bahía de Banderas, NAYARIT

Pobladores denuncian anomalías en la aprobación del proyecto: Advirtieron que la obra es ilegal.

Fue autorizado por la administración anterior del municipio de manera prematura, antes de la aprobación de la manifestación de impacto ambiental por la SEMARNAT.
Los inspectores de PROFEPA tuertos: Los desarrolladores construyen en el área TGM (Terreno Ganado al Mar), donde supuestamente iban a dejar en su condición natural.
LEMUS: El desarrollador detrás del proyecto PUNTA PARAISO, también desarrolló HACIENDA SAN PANCHO, ... un proyecto de desarrollo turístico fallido, en gran parte vacío. No es un buen presagio para PUNTA PARAÍSO.

El proyecto  “PUNTA PARAÍSO” en San Pancho: “La Punta del Iceberg” de una política equivocada de desarrollo turístico en el Municipio Bahía de Banderas y el estado de NAYARIT:


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